Saturday, June 4, 2011

That's a Lotta Meatballs! Seventy-two Pounds Gone

Woohoo! Seventy two pounds gone! The scale was kind to me this morning. So kind that I had to hop back on it a couple times to see if maybe the battery was on the fritz, haha. Well, that is just super exciting! :)

The weight loss has really been visible lately. I'm getting lots of compliments and lingering once-overs when people see me. I can see it a lot in my face, neck and chest. This morning in the shower I was telling my butt that it was looking pretty damn firm. (Yes, I was talking to my butt - a little kind word or compliment now and then does a lot for her self-esteem.) Big hangy gut is, well, still big and hangy, but even she is tightening up quite a bit.

Yesterday I was so pleased with my size 10 jeans that I vainly snapped a picture of myself in the bathroom at work. I don't have a full-length mirror at home, so sometimes those big mirrors at work are really exciting!

It's a cheezy shot, but woowoo, it's me! It's working, it's working! And look at me, rocking my cute little black boots. I wouldn't quite say it's a *habit*, but I am making great strides in wearing cute shoes (okay, one of the two pairs of boots I have) instead of my standard Keen tennies. Lawd knows I feel so much prettier in them! That is not always enough to convince me to wear them, though, haha. And as I grow lighter, or at least more used to wearing them, it's not the exercise in agony that it once was. I wouldn't take a long walk in them, but it doesn't hurt to wear the boots now.

Oh! My fun day completely fell apart last night. It started with such promise and then tanked. I didn't get to go see my dancing puppets sound suits. My friend had to go home after work to pick up her kid, and it just seemed like a headache to re-organize. I was quite bummed. Instead, I came home and bought a bottle of wine and camped out with my book. You know I was pissed because I don't drink at home, generally, as it's just me, and I am always skeptical about drinking wine after it's been open a couple days. But last night, I didn't care. I actually planned on going to the art museum event by myself (for years I have barked at my single friends that they don't deliver Mr. Right to you damn front door, ya gotta get off your couch). But it was a bad day and the couch seemed like the perfect place to be.

Today has started off much better, though, with a big win on the scale and another beautiful sunny day. Hoping to get a lot of moving preparation done! Here's wishing a wonderful weekend to all of you!!


  1. Wowee! Awesome!! :) Sorry your night out didn't work out but hope the rest of the weekend is much better. :)

  2. Woo hoo! You are rocking that sleeve missy...and those boots too! ;-)