Monday, June 6, 2011

Accomplished Wino

Wine blending was fun! I didn't know what to expect: would we be adding essence of chocolate, fruity pear, oak, hints of blackberries??? Nah, we were crafting a mix of three wines, a sangiovese (my current red wine fave, although I am a Pinot Grigio girl most times), a syrah and a cabernet. Mix to your pleasure. It was a lot of fun - we had six people in our group, and we adopted the remaining couple at our table. Wine was drank, beakers were filled, glass pipettes were carefully handled. Less carefully as the evening wore on! Then we got a four-course dinner, yum! Four course dinners post-op mean you don't want to leave on a stretcher. That is a very cool feeling! I had some of the roasted potato and veggie salad, the chicken off the polenta lasagne, some of the yummy spinach and feta salad, and several of the crispini crustini topped with a mixture of sour cream and goat cheese. The dessert was some sort of salty truffle. Am I the only one who doesn't like salt with my sweets?? I don't care what Alton Brown says, I don't mix my sweet and salty! I don't even care for kettle corn.

I had enough wine and other general badness this weekend that I psyched myself out of getting on the scale this morning. Back on the wagon tomorrow! Really, I guess it was just the wine, not a lot of food. But there was quite a lot of wine, comparatively speaking. Ah, the lazy days of summer!


  1. ok that wine stuff looks like a bunch of fun! I want to do that - where was it at?

  2. Jen, it was very fun! It was at Covington Cellars in Woodinville. We all got discounts through a travelzoo offer (I think it was travelzoo, my friend found it). We had a great time!