Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! All is well here. I have a signed lease in hand for the new place (that's signed lease in very shaky hand - the higher rent amount has me shaking in my shoes, but I will make it work). The owner is confident that the current tenants will be out by the end of the month, so I am putting all worries aside.

My landlord (whom I have been thinking of as my-landlord-bless-his-soul-he-means-well) let me know that they rented my condo, but the new tenants need to move in on the 30th. Uh, my lease says it's my condo until midnight on the 30th. I do not need the extra stress of accommodating someone else's move-in while coordinating my own move-out. I'm actually figuring I'll be out early on the 30th, anyway, so I'm trying not to stress about it. I will tell him that once we have had an amicable resolution to the question of how much security deposit I'll be getting back, we'll talk about whether or not I'll relinquish the keys early on the 30th. Sheesh.

My weight loss is dead in the water. I've been bouncing between 191 and 194 for eternity now, it seems. Yes, on 6/4, I hit 191 pounds for the first time. Since then, it has been bouncing back and forth over these same several pounds. I'm not terribly worried about this, but if I were analyzing any contribution of mine to the slowdown, I would say it is a) lack of exercise and b) drinking wine. I've definitely noticed that I can (and do) eat larger portions than I did in the time following surgery, but I don't think that is out of hand. Today, for instance I had my protein salad - I am maxed out in stomach capacity at four ounces. It is hard for me to feel badly about eating a four ounce meal, haha.

However - wine drinking. I don't feel terribly about this one, either, as I've only had wine twice this month: 6/5 and 6/11. I had several glasses on both occasions, though! Must be mindful about drinking my calories, especially when it involves fun times with friends. These are the times that wine sounds mighty goooood!

Exercise. Oops, this one has really fallen by the wayside. I have been so stressed out, my time with my friend Barb really turned into Julie-sobs-while-Barb-comforts. We traded stairclimbing for therapeutic lunches lately. I think the stress of the move has just completely wiped me out, because as the day draws nearer, I am actually feeling quite a bit better. (Note: it's not that I'm feeling all that badly - I think it just lurks right underneath the surface. A kind or concerned word from a friend - hmm, maybe Barb is using my vulnerability to get out of stair climbing - has just opened the floodgates to all the stress right now. Yes, Barb is probably thinking, I don't want to do the stairs today - I'll just ask her how that move is going, and we'll get to sit and have lunch, instead! Clever girl.)

Anyway, we're back on track today, planning a P1-62 run early this afternoon. My goal is to get on a P1-62 run twice a day. Today, we'll just do it once, though. Baby steps. That day I did it twice in one day (uh, the last time I did the stairs), my calves were really very quite sore for several days. When I am an exercise addict, the pain will not deter me from working out again. Right now, however, I am not an exercise addict.

Truly, I need some new clothes. Tops, specifically. I have maybe a half dozen shirts. They come in two varieties: my old plus size shirts that hang off me, and several cute size large shirts that my tall and skinny friend Kim gave me on my visit (e.g. one of my drunken wine days this month). The size large shirts are just a skoosh too small for me to feel comfortable wearing (refer to the stomach "flump" or major muffin top). The plus size shirts droop down and expose my bra to everyone. I am, as they say, in between sizes. And yes, I have reached a size where my tall and skinny friends can hand me down clothes. It is a divine place to be. :)

My protein salad (this is my riff on the Pagliacci Pizza salad, yummy stuff):

Pagliaccio Salad

Lettuce tossed with garbanzo beans, diced red pepper, kasseri cheese, salami, red onion and our own dijon vinaigrette.

Julie's WLS version (who has room in their stomach for lettuce?)
2 cans garbanzo beans, rinsed
1/2 cup-ish dry salame, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
3 or 4 green onions, chopped
3/4 cup-ish greek yogurt (I use 2%)
fresh dill, chopped
1/2 cup-ish mozzarella cheese, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
Toss, refrigerate, eat. Yum.

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