Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Moving Post

I have been neglecting my blog and all my favorite blogs lately! It's not for lack of thinking of them. I am busy, busy, busy! My daughter has been struck by back to back serious illnesses: last week it was strep throat and this week it is walking pneumonia! Oy! She is doing better, but is definitely quite ill. I dragged the kids back to Seattle Children's urgent care the other night because she kept spiking these high fevers, and even though she was on antibiotics for the strep, she just didn't seem to be improving. They did a chest x-ray and found the pneumonia. While we were there, my five-year-old puked all over the men's room! I was worried that he was getting ill, but thus far, it seemed to be a complete anomoly (he is not a puker). Yesterday, my 10-year-old was feeling awful, as well.

Okay - you know, especially if you are a parent - how much you love your kids and worry when they are sick. But since I am also a single parent who is moving next Thursday, you *have* to know how hard I am praying that I don't get sick, too! OMG that would make life so much more difficult.

Even my nanny has been feeling ill - yesterday morning she walked in doubled over in stomach pain and collapsed on the couch. Uh, have a great day? Wow, something is sure going around our house! By yesterday afternoon, she said she was feeling a bit better, too. I am hoping they are all doing better today: I talked to my ex this morning and he said everyone was on the mend. They will be at my house later this morning and I'll check in.

We are SO EXCITED about the move! (Well, not the move itself - I am full of dread and anxiety there, but once we are moved in - YAY!) My ex actually arranged for the moving truck and movers. This was a very sweet gesture and I appreciate it so much. I am also afraid to count on it - not because I think he'll let me down, but because if he did let me down, I would have to kill him. And my children are so attached.

I also arranged for movers and a truck - but X (my term of endearment) assures me I can cancel them. I do not think he is bankrolling the move - but have not questioned him about it. His friend is a part-time mover and they have negotiated a discounted rate. I will cancel my truck and movers today and spend the next several days worried sick about it. I am still hopeful that my *whole* move can take place on the 30th. If it doesn't, well, I will have a moving truck full of stuff parked in the driveway overnight at my new place. And no movers to bring it in. Eep! It will work out. I am still penciled in with a moving company to unload the truck on the first (although they have told me they will not hesitate to cancel me in favor of the first paying customer). I have different movers lined up for the 30th that I may be able to move to the 1st. Either way, you know I'll figure out a way to unload that truck. It will all work out.

(I have a friend who says "Let go and let God..." I am not especially religious but I like this expression and have tried to incorporate it into my thinking this month whenever I am on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Which is often, haha.)

Speaking of breakdowns - I have had a killer headache for the last four days. No medicine known to man will make it go away, or even really dull it. When it first started, I was concerned it was a sign that I was getting sick. But no, I have decided it is purely stress- and anxiety-induced. It is just a very busy time with a lot of unknowns. A week or so from today, things will be much calmer!

Oh - and I will offer one more exhibit of the stress I've been under. My current landlord, God-bless-his-heart-he-means-well, left me a message that he has a carpet cleaner coming on 6/29. The day before I move. Now, I already have 80% of my stuff packed and in boxes in the dining room. I have three children, I have a mandatory volunteer meeting the night before my move, and I will be up all night packing that night to put away all the really, really last minute stuff that couldn't be packed. And he has scheduled a carpet cleaner.

Hell, no.

I did get ahold of him and explain that I did not think that would be good value for his money. Our daughters are friends - I am trying not to devour him when I hear stuff like this. But my boxes cover much of the downstairs carpet, I would not want my boxes getting wet, I will have movers in the house the following day and it has been raining a lot lately and may be muddy. Let's skip the carpet cleaners. Why in the world they are allowing the new tenants to move in THE SAME DAY I MOVE OUT is beyond me - but they will have to figure out the logistics of carpet cleaning without me. Call me unreasonable. Grr.


  1. Man, that's a lot of stuff going on.

    First, I hope your daughter feels better soon and that no one else in your house gets sick again!

    I hope you make it through the move! Good luck! :)

  2. I am praying that the sickies leave your house and that packing/moving/cleaning all happens in the best way possible. I like that phrase, Let God and Let it Go...I think you will be using that a LOT this week. Best of luck with everything Julie...I wish I lived around the corner, I would totally come help you!