Monday, June 27, 2011


I am happy to report that I can officially say my hair loss is slowing down. Not stopping - not even to the extent that it's not creepy or gross to wash my hair. Just slowing down. I am not as yukked out as I have been when I wash my hair. Therefore, it is getting better. :)

As an aside - I had decided that washing my hair was creepy, and coloring it was unnecessarily harmful, thus resulting in additional hair loss. My dear friend said to me one day when we were sitting outside at lunch, "You know how you always talk about your hair loss, but I haven't been able to see it? Well, I do notice it today - what's going on?" I said that I had not washed it this morning and have not colored it in a few weeks because I lose more when I color it. We agreed that the very preventative steps I was taking were the ones that were making it more noticeable, haha. Plus, we were sitting in the sun, so it was showing the roots a lot more. Point taken - I colored it that night and have washed it, trying not to be skeeved out by the hair in the drain.

Oy, I am dead tired. I got plenty of sleep last night, but I am thinking that the only thing that is going to cure this exhaustion and stress is the big move on Thursday. I have been chasing a terrible headache with drugs and anything I can find for a week now, to no avail. Just stress! Plus, I am feeling F-A-T today - I am in my size 12s and I wish I were wearing sweatpants. I have been eating too much. Not eating "bad" things, just too many things. Stress, stress, stress.

On a happy note, I did see a moving truck in front of the new house yesterday, along with three pickup trucks. The family that is in there qualifies for the show "Hoarders," I believe. When I drove by again at 7p (yes, I am stalking them!) the moving truck was still there, and the garage was still packed with stuff. Hopefully they will get it all out before Thursday so I can do one smooth transition between homes. I think I will. Even if you have a ton of stuff, it's hard to stretch out a move over a whole week when you have trucks and everything.

True to my cycle, I am squarely in the ovulation days and I just feel like I could sit and cry and cry! Funny, hormones. Imagine when I will be able to use all this hormone energy for a good cause, haha. I had a wonderful weekend with the kids, and my next door neighbor and his son, who is good buddies with my youngest. We sat outside in the sun all weekend watching the kids play, shared a bottle of wine and illegally lit kiddie fireworks until 10:30 pm or so. (I don't have my kids on the 4th this year, so we move holidays around as necessary.) It reminded me how good life can be! I confess, there is nothing that makes me happier than sitting out in the sun drinking a glass of wine. I am fairly low maintenance in that regard, I think, haha. Put me on a *warm beach* with that drink and I just feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I am seriously contemplating a move to a warmer climate. On Sunday morning, with a bazillion and one things to do, I took the garbage out. Walking into the bright sunshine (even with a low-grade hangover) you just feel so alive. I was thinking I should take the kids camping (maybe I am a hillbilly at heart, because whenever I am in the early morning sunshine, I think about camping). I bought "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys" on iTunes (the Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson version, because why buy Willie when you can get Willie and Waylon for the same price?). I sang at the top of my lungs while I packed the kitchen. This was a nice weekend. I desperately crave sunshine - I tell ya, I feel 1000% different about life when I get my vitamin D going!

Oh, wine. I have to be careful drinking wine post-op. Two glasses puts me on my lips! I am barely able to drink hard alcohol at all - it kind of burns in my stomach. I can drink red wine, but don't often have the occasion/desire to do so. Pre-op, two glasses was plenty of wine, and that is the amount I am accustomed to drinking. Now, hits me harder, even though it still tastes just as good. I split a bottle with the handsome neighbor the other day, and splitting a bottle is really a bit too much for me. I don't mind a good wine buzz (especially since I was already at home), but I also woke up with a little hangover, and this, I do not like at all. Alcohol should be enjoyed, then out of your system, no lingering allowed. Plus, my 10-year-old said that he thinks I was a little drunk. His reasoning? When the incredibly crabby old woman came over and SCREAMED at us about lighting illegal fireworks and destroying a $350K parking lot paving job, I just laughed at her. "Usually, if someone is going to yell at you," my son said, "you would just yell back. But you just laughed at her." Ok, Mr. Observant: 1) The neighbor had it under control. That in itself was nice, because my X would not have taken charge of a similar situation. When old lady dropped the f-bomb, he shut her down immediately. Call the cops if you need to, but move on. You're not going to stand here and swear in front of a bunch of kids. 2) I am now afraid my son is going to be offering me wine whenever I'm in a bad mood. I'm not necessarily afraid, I suppose, I'm just afraid I won't resist the temptation. ;) Life is better with wine. I normally do not drink at home and I cannot think of whenever I've drank in front of the kids. But aren't we all happier when mama's happy?

I confess to crushing on handsome single next door neighbor. How could you not? My two girlfriends met him a couple weeks ago and said that we should all be so lucky as to have a neighbor like this. We should. He is gainfully employed, is a great dad, and a nice guy. He qualifies for the antithesis of my ex, too, and that is widely appealing to me. I use him and another male friend as the models of the type of man I am looking for - smart, funny, sexy (oh, when I was married, my ex wanted a motorcycle and I always said no - now seeing men on motorcycles is just the sexiest thing...even if it does shorten their lifespans, haha).


  1. I swear my blog roll called this post "Baby". Imagine my shock when I clicked in and saw "Baldy". I may need glasses.

    Oh, and I knew you were in like with your neighbor...I just knew it!!

  2. hair loss and periods emotions and wine. Oh yes! Well, wine used to get me drunky poo, but I have upped my tolerance damn it! My hair is still growing back and a little funky...even 2.5 years later. i am not losing it though like I was. For me, I saw the most loss about 8 months post op if I remember right. Oh of the prices of future hotness I suppose. I was a little lucky bc I had a lot of hair to begin with!

  3. Glad that it's slowing down a bit, Julie. I posted last night that right at my 3 month mark last week I started noticing more and more hair in the drain. I remember asking you a few weeks ago when yours started and you said right at 3 months too. Hopefully soon it will stop completely.

  4. Have fun with the neighbor crushing...wait you are moving! Like soon! OMG, better make a move there missy! ;-)

  5. LOL i can just picture your kid offering your wine before giving you a report card or something hehehe. I havent started losing hair yet... Im so nervous about that.