Friday, May 31, 2013

Jail Bird!!

I got a phone call out of the blue yesterday from a woman who said she was calling from "Seattle's Most Wanted." I had been identified as a person of interest...oh dear, my little pulse was racing at this point as I'm thinking, "WHAT DID I DO??"

This is a problem when you have a guilty conscience. :) Turns out I hadn't done anything (Whew!) but someone (I need to find out who did this to me) nominated me for the 2013 Muscular Dystrophy Association Seattle Lock Up. You've probably seen it before: a coworker or someone you know gets publicly hauled off and paraded through the building and taken to jail, being tasked to raise bail to get sprung.

Well, a little inside information, I am being arrested on July 31st and it doesn't sound too hellish:

- Yummy Seattle firefighters will come to my office and demand that I go with them (this would never take too much persuading for me to blindly follow a firefighter in uniform). I might bring my own handcuffs just in case they forget theirs. :)

- I will be taken to the Columbia Tower Club on the 76th floor of the Columbia Center (all the way across the street from my office) where I will be force fed prison gruel:

Oh, how I will suffer.
The only way they could possibly make it worse for me is if they make me drink the lemon vodka slush that Kim found on Pinterest the other day:

Please, no, not the Lemon Vodka Slush, anything but that!
Hmm, I have already digressed from the true intent of this Lock Up and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Something about vodka and firefighters and mile high clubs...oh my!

Oy, maybe they picked the wrong ambassador. :)

Please consider helping me raise bail money. I have been asked to raise $3200 bail for the MDA, who does tons of great work in Seattle and around the country for children and adults with neuromuscular diseases. Specifically, the MDA appealed to me to help raise funds to send three kids to MDA Summer Camp so they can hang with other kids with the same challenges. The idea of a specialized summer camp appealed to me because I had a coworker whose son had been badly burned as a toddler. Every year, he went to "Burn Camp" with other kids who had been burned, and he looked forward to it all year long as a chance to be with kids and counselors who understood. I expect MDA camp is a lot like that, too.

They're hauling my ass off to jail on 7/31, so I've got a couple months to raise bail. If you can help, I'd appreciate it! I won't be the first time I've seen the inside of a jail house, maybe, but I expect it will be the nicest! :)

Click here to visit my personal MDA website to help me post bail.

Don't let me rot: I've got a long way to go to make bail!

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  1. "Something about vodka and firefighters and mile high clubs...oh my!" Hahaha. That's the Julie I know and love!