Friday, May 24, 2013

New Triathlete on the Block

I know I yapped about it on facebook, but did I ever tell you I won an entry to my very first triathlon?? Yep, Becky over at Run Fun Done had a giveaway to the Dilletante Women's Triathlon and I was the lucky winner! It was especially lucky given that I am familiar with this lake and the area of the event. I used to swim here as a kid, and in later years, took my own kids to this park. I haven't been there in years since we moved away, but it's in my comfort zone, anyway.

HOW NERVOUS AM I?? I gotta tell ya - I'm not prepared. Sure, I'm prepared for the biking. But I haven't been running or swimming. This is going to be purely for sport entertainment. Competing Completing a triathlon was on my goal list for 2013, but I languished about committing. The crummy weather, the slow recovery from my tummy tuck, the ups and downs and ups of my romantic life - well, I haven't been pursuing athleticism very aggressively this year.

But I am very excited, and confident I can get through this event. I'll be flying by the seat of my pants on the swimming portion, but I am a strong swimmer and I'm not afraid of the open water (although I do dread the possibility of being kicked in the face by other swimmers, ugh). I'll get it done!!

In other news, my daughter Alli and I are going to do the Seattle Biggest Loser Run/Walk in October. And get this - she wants to do the half marathon! She's very excited about it. I think the fact that it is a Biggest Loser event, combined with being a "run/walk," she doesn't feel pressure to go for it. We'll be doing a lot of walking, I'm sure, but I'm going to pull together a training program for us and get going on it. This will be a wonderful event for us to look forward to doing together!

Now on to things that are really on my mind these days. :) I am having such fun with Greg. I am happy and relaxed and enjoying myself and in love. It is a good, good feeling. We are having a lot of good times and making lots of plans for the future. He and the kids are doing great together.

We're staying in town this weekend because he's working lots of overtime on a big road project. We've got a couple weekend getaways planned in the near future, though.

More later. :)


  1. Alli's going to do a half!!!! Yeah for her!

    I so wish I was in town that weekend, I'd come up and cheer both of you on. Such a big deal, the first half marathon *sigh*.

    Um, you are a bad example of how to train for a first half, you do know that, right? Let's get some miles under her belt in the next few months...

    **steps off soapbox**

  2. Omgosh! You and me BOTH! I won an entry into an IronGirl this week and will do my very first triathlon in August! Can't wait to follow your journey too. :)


  3. Yay! You and me both! Except for the swimming part. I'm good with the running and mostly good with the biking. I have NO idea about the area, so I'm going to go down either next weekend or the weekend after to test it out before race day.

    Yay for Alli! That one is on my "should sign up for" list. I'm unofficially telling people it's on my race calendar for the year.

  4. I've done three triathlons, and my best tip for the swimming is to stay at the back of your wave and off to the outside to avoid getting kicked. Also, remember not to knock yourself out on the bike--you have to save some legs for the run! Good luck! It will be fun.