Monday, February 10, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: Very Belated Edition

Oops, I did weigh in last Wednesday, but have been super, super busy and didn't have time to post it here. Just holding steady, I guess!

I do not understand the random photo orientation on these pictures!
Well, I am not happy with the numbers but I am not unhappy, either, I suppose. This week I did do my mini-workout of walking my youngest to and/or from school several times. I also pooped out on it several times. :) It was COLD here last week! Also, my oldest made plans for my limited evening hours on at least one occasion, demanding to be taken grocery shopping or else she'd wage war on me. Teenage, hormonal war, ugh. I'll pick the unplanned trip to the grocery store every time, haha.

Last week was busy with, among other things, the parade to end all parades! The city was *OVERRUN* with Seahawks fans, and I was happy to be out in the incredibly huge throngs of crowds along with everyone else. Crazy! They say 750,000 people or more crowded onto the 4th Avenue to cheer the Seahawks for their Super Bowl win. I wouldn't doubt the estimated numbers, I have never seen anything like it. I have some pictures, but the one I wanted to post here was the one that reminded me that even though I am struggling with my weight, I don't need to beat myself senseless about it, either. This is a nice picture of me and my coworker, whom you may remember I call my Sugar Daddy*.

Greg says Don and I make a nice looking couple, haha.
*Well, Sugar Daddy is tongue in cheek, as when I started working with him, he and his longtime partner, Doug, owned two beautiful homes in Seattle, both of which were for sale. They had decided to live in whichever one didn't sell first. I was very recently a single mom, and I lobbied hard for him to give me one of the properties, which he did not. Even though I offered him the ready-made family his mom had always longed for from him, haha. Anyway, Don doesn't deliver often on his Sugar Daddy role, but he does occasionally treat me to lunch or SBUX. :)

Aw, I take some of my favorite pictures with Don.
A trip down memory lane: this was from August 2012.

Alright, more later! My oldest turns fifteen today, it's a happy occasion!


  1. Are you scheduled for any runs or bike rides for 2014 yet? I'm going to do the St. Paddy's Dash in Seattle and the Hot Chocolate 5k on March 2nd... would love to meet up with you at the start or finish if you are around. There is a fun bike ride coming up that is sponsored by the Marysville YMCA (the ride will be on the Centennial Trail). I'm pretty sure I'll do that one too. I've been a slug all winter, finally moving again and so is my scale... hang in there! Glad you had some fun watching the parade :)

  2. Happy bday to Ali! 15? Crap next year is driving!! (Well starting like NOW I much for me to learn as my oldest just turned 13...)

    Anyway, I like the photos of you and your SD...ha ha! So, inquiring minds want to know...WHICH one sold first Don or Doug's house and did they follow through and keep and move into whichever was "leftover?"

    And my hat's off to you Seahawks fans...we were pretty sad and bummed here in Denver...United in Orange now will strictly refer to the fact that after a couple of cold snaps and a few nasty snowstorms, we will in fact have sunshine the REST OF THE WEEK and temps will climb into the 60...that's SHORTS weather down here baby! ;)