Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday ain't setting the world on fire, but at least it's down-ish.

I will say I'm eating lots better, and lots of veggies. Recently, I have been eating baby spinach salads with only a few chopped strawberries, a diced hard-boiled egg and this, the yummiest non-dressing dressing ever:

Oh, it's so very, very good.
I'm (mostly) tracking my food, too. All in all, I would say I'm heading in a very good direction. And it's amazing how quickly my body responds to eating well: I have been feeling pretty darn good lately.

Which is good, since my personal life is a roller-coaster ride right now! Ups and downs, highs and lows. More on that later, but I wanted to get this posted while it was still Wednesday...


  1. Replies
    1. It's not dressing, it's just vinegar. 15 calories/T! I could drink it, it's so damn good.

      Do you have Trader Joe's?

  2. we're getting a trader joe's soon and i'm so excited, congrats on the down and that salad sounds amazing, will have to try it.

  3. Dude - we barely even have grocery stores in Podunk. I wonder if I can get that shipped to me? LOL

  4. Down-ish?? That's almost 4lbs in less than a week. I'd be thrilled!

  5. Great job Julie...and that dressing looks amazing! What TZ said, we are getting TJ's at some point THIS year after years of waiting...she and I will maybe have to make a trip together when they open. Very exciting stuff. Good job about feeling better about what you are eating!