Friday, January 3, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday, Ketchup Edition

The holidays and a bout with a very bad cold kept me from posting my Wednesday weigh-ins for the last couple weeks. But I did force myself onto the scale on Christmas, Merry F'ing Christmas to me, as I nearly picked up the scale and threw it out the window:

Oops, this is not going well.

Well, I did buckle down and clean up my eating quite a bit. It's all these sweets, I tell you. I don't honestly think my eating had been that bad in the week prior, I think that all the SUGAR I had been eating between Thanksgiving and Christmas finally translated on the scale as fat. 

Greg and I both got very ill right after Christmas. My New Year's Day weigh in was a tad better, but was also tainted, I knew, by the cough syrup with codeine that I had been guzzling since Saturday. I hadn't pooped in days and days! I felt like a stuffed sausage, so constipated and miserable. 

I knew I had done better than this, I just need to give birth to that food baby.
Yesterday, I took steps to rectify the situation, so I allowed myself an updated weigh-in today, which I feel better reflects reality. 

Still up, but getting better.
I'll just post this now and get to work on my Why 2014 is FreeJulie's Year post that I'd rather talk about, haha. I am glad that I'm at least holding myself accountable by getting on that scale - I have to say, getting on a scale with a camera on Christmas morning, knowing it was going to be up, up, up...well, that takes grit.


  1. accountability...counts! :) I'm punny. I'm also glad that even though I've been on the upswing, I've kept weighing that I don't have MORE weight to get off. I'm back on tracking my eats. GD Sugar... its the devil!

  2. Not only jumping up there, but then posting it for US to SEE, now THAT takes grit. You are my hero!

  3. I'm impressed with your diligence in posting the weigh-ins, even if you are not happy with them. Glad the revised weigh-in was such an improvement! I look forward to the post about 2014 and why it will be your year.

  4. that is awesome that you are posting your weigh ins -- I have been not because i've been doing so poorly so yay for you!and congrats on the scale numbers coming down!