Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week Three

When I first got on the scale this morning, I thought my weight held steady this week, but I see that is not the case. Regardless, we're going to call it a win "not loss" because a) it was Thanksgiving Week and I did have two full Thanksgiving dinners, b) the very last thing in the world I wanted to do this morning was get on the scale post a picture of my weight here, but I did it anyway, and c) I have been under a tremendous amount of stress at home with my children and my X (admittedly, some of this stress is self-imposed, haha. Oh, and d) due to this stress and Kim's birthday, I sort of fell into a bottle of wine on Sunday night and drank more than I have in a very long time while we sat on the phone for over an hour laughing and talking. I drank enough that every time I open the fridge and see the remaining wine, my lip spontaneously curls into a sneer, like my old dog Harley did every time you showed him a bottle of Bitter Apple spray. As Greg says, "little people can't drink big bottles of wine." Duly noted, sir.

This is how wine makes me feel. And the scale, too.

Alright, let's just be done with it. Here's my weight for the week:

Apparently, we will always have to turn our heads sideways to see my weight on the blog.
No matter which way I rotate the picture, this is the way it posts, haha.


  1. I think you basically held steady, since the third number didn't go up, unlike on my scale last week.

  2. I'd call it a win! Keep at it lady!