Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In (Urgh. Blech. Retch.)

Oh fine, whatever. Whatever. Jeez.

In my defense My excuses for the week are that we had early Thanksgiving at my parents' on Sunday. I made three pies. Last night I drank way too much wine and maybe I was bloaty.

Mostly, though, I am not exercising and my eating sucks.


  1. I didn't lose any weight either this week, and I have none of your excuses. :(

  2. as soon as you get back on track you will see the change :) hope you have a better next week :)

  3. I am calling this week a by week!

  4. Hang in there Julie. This time of year is soooooo tough, but keep working on what you know you need to do. Hugs!