Friday, December 6, 2013

Accountability - Food Tracking

Making myself get on the scale and post my weight here each week will do worlds for my accountability. Already, even though I have not seen good results on the scale, haha, I am thinking about that scale photo often during the week.

I've taken another small step toward accountability and hopefully weight loss success. I re-installed that darn MyFitnessPal app on my phone, and I logged in online. Updated my weight, logged my breakfast this morning. Deleted all my "friends" - this was a big part of why I didn't like the app. I hated getting the notifications "so and so hasn't logged in for three days - they might need encouragement." I hated my notifications going out to everyone else. It was NOT motivating for me. Somehow, I was sure I could turn these off, but I never bothered to look. :) I changed my own settings, and by deleting my friend list (none of whom had logged in for months, anyway), I think I've gotten it down to the bare bones "track my food, exercise and weight" that I need it to be.

To successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss, I will probably have to consistently track my eating. I almost wrote "forever," but that gave me an instantly very depressing feeling. :( I hate food tracking with a purple passion. And yet, therein lies success, doesn't it?? Honesty. Acknowledgement of what I'm eating. The pounds slip back on when I allow myself to think "oh, I mostly eat very well." Lies! Damnable lies! :)

I eat tootsie rolls. Peppermint patties. Hershey's Kisses. These are all what's available in my coworker friend's candy jar right now, haha. Mini pretzels. When in my life did I ever eat mini pretzels, and now they are like food from the gods. Deep sigh.

Since Greg and I have been back together, I have gotten into his practical and frugal habit of bringing my lunch nearly every day. The problem? I think I am hungry in the morning, and usually find myself eating my lunch before 10 a.m.! Then I buy lunch! Ack! Counter-productive!! I am eating and spending much more than I otherwise would.

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea that I cannot bring lunch from home anymore. If the food is not available, I won't eat it, right? And because it takes me a little while to get there, my later thoughts were, "Wait, I could bring lunch and not eat it before lunch time..." which was followed by the argument, "But it's right there, and I am hungry..." to which I countered, "You could put your lunch in the break room fridge and not allow yourself to eat it before lunch." Checkmate. I am soooo smart, sometimes even I am astounded, haha. Yes, usually I keep my lunch right at my desk so anytime my tummy says, "grumble," I am ready and able to stuff my gob.

Today's lunch is in the break room fridge. :) I will not starve to death, even though my tummy has already said I will.

As part of my reacquaintance with MyFitnessPal, I updated my profile picture there. Well, sort of updated. I used a cropped version of this picture, from when I felt great about my weight and body. Not about my saggy tummy skin, haha, but I felt great at this size. Everything worked. Incidentally, I also felt great about Greg's weight at that time, hahaha. I emailed him the picture this morning and maybe he will be inspired to remember that weight. I'd say we're both up 20 pounds from this time back in April 2012.

Motivating picture.
This is the other photo I'm using to motivate myself. It's not a great picture of either of us (as you can't tell who it is, haha), but look how TINY I am. It's also from April 2012, I was about 140 pounds.

I reached my goal weight on 7/31/'s a pic. Here's also one from what I want the scale to say again. :)

Goal weight day! 

Alright, I see where I ufcked up. Let's just get this train back on the rails and get moving again. This wasn't that long ago, I can get back here again!


  1. Poor you, so busy arguing with yourself, haha.
    I hate, hate, hate that diet success = writing down my food. It is so true and so boring and annoying. But, what works, works, right?
    And, what a stupid month to try getting back on track. Is it January yet?

  2. Tracking food helps me also! I don't like it but it works. I have the MFP app on my phone and iPad so no excuse.