Monday, March 25, 2013

Corrective Measures

Well, you all know I have a freak-out weight of 145. The point at which all things are supposed to shut down, sirens and alarm bells are to ring continuously until my weight drops below the freakout zone again.


I hit that freakout weight awhile back. Yikes, was it really almost two months ago?!? That was 146.2. Ladies and gentleman, I give you today's weight...what is beyond a freakout??



Hi, my name is Julie and I'm a sugar addict. Dammit. Clearly, I didn't pay enough attention to the freakout weight when I passed it by. I pretended it might be related to medication I was taking, rather than my out of control snacking and dramatic drop-off in exercise.

Weight control is *never* going to be easy for me. Boo. Now I'm at full-blown weight management catastrophe, where the old feelings of throwing in the towel have taken over. I'm wearing what I am calling my "jelly bean outfit" today: stretch pants and a hoody. If you eat jelly beans at work all day, you are stuck wearing a jelly bean outfit.

I don't want to get dressed. None of my clothes make me happy. All these cycling clothes I've been buying? Well, the other day, my cycling shirt felt tight on my arms.

Oops. Crap. I can't go back down this road!

Well, I put myself back on a liquid diet today, and as much as I hate it, here I will stay until I get that weight back down. Some of it is probably muscle related, but not much. And interestingly, I've really noticed that post-tummy-tuck, I'm gaining weight in my boobs and butt. Two places where it doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra weight, haha.

However, I don't feel good at this weight. I don't feel sexy, and I feel bulky. Time for corrective measures.

It's the damn sugar. Where did this sweet tooth come from?? It's a monster, I tell you.

Happily, the weather is improving here. Mr. Wonderful and I went for a 30 mile bike ride on Saturday. It is so fun to think that now, a thirty-mile ride really is a quick ride.

I'll get this back on track. I'll post daily weigh-ins here until I get back under 140. And I'm staying away from the jelly beans!


  1. You can do it Julie, get your ass back at it. :)

  2. She's a sugar freak, sugar freak, she's sugar freaky! :)

    I hear you. I love me some sugar. I have WAY better days when I start with proteins. The sugar beast is an evil one.

  3. Jelly bean outfit! Haha. I think you need to wear jeans and feel that tight feeling to get you to walk away from the JB.

    So much going on today..keep it together!

  4. Jelly bean outfits... we've all got one! You've got this!

  5. My temporary freakout weight (after I made it below 195) was 200. Weighed in 2 weeks ago at 214. Yep. I understand.

  6. Jellybean outfit. Haha. But seriously I soooooo hear ya sista! I hit my freakout weight and continued to still gain. (Sorry that is not what you want to hear.) Regular math is puzzling to me but weight-loss math is downright confounding! How can it take me 3 months to lose -8lbs and 7 days to put on +4??? I'm still working on my "regain" and I hate that I'm not yet in maintenance. Someday...

    You are right about one thing for sure...this battle is NEVER won and it's NEVER easy! Hugs!

  7. Julie, I'm with Sheila. I don't understand weight loss math. I'm sorry you are wearing your jellybean outfit, and I hope those short 30-mile rides add up to a subtraction in your weight soon. I know I was just struggling with a gain that shouldn't have happened based on my eating/exercising; yet, it did.

    The one good thing about our sleeve? Is that we can do a liquid diet if necessary.

    Tamzin, that song needs to be recorded! Ha!

  8. Sugar was created by Satan himself, I'm sure of it! I figure it's always going to be a battle. Those of us who have kids have it even tougher because it's not really possible to keep all bad choices out of the house.
    Hang in there. the weather is improving and you're going to be just fine!