Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chilly Hilly Photo Recap

Since losing all this weight and becoming the super-mega athlete that I am (hahaha), I have made one deep, insightful observation. I make dumb faces when I exert myself.

Remember how happy Barb and I were when we climbed the 62-story building?

Remember how ridiculously happy I was when I was running the See Jane Run half marathon last summer? It looks like I'm singing. :)

Remember when I overexerted my elbow, drinking too much wine at the Pike Place Market last summer, and thought I was a pirate?

Well, now I know I make goofball faces when I ride my bike, too. :) I present my first cycling event photos (from Chilly Hilly last month), hanging tongue included...

Very steep hill. Even my tongue had to help out!

This one makes me look like the leader. Where's my yellow jersey?

This is a picture of me and Mr. W, even though you can't see either of us.

My most badass picture. Sigh. Not very badass.
Plus, look at those snow pants flapping in the wind!


  1. I LOVE THIS! How much fun do you have! I am so jelly!

  2. I'm going to admit it - I don't know how to ride a bike! My mum said I just didn't take to it as a child, a terrible excuse in my opinion! But your stories and your pictures (love the funny faces!) make me desperate to learn. It is now a 2013 goal. xxx

  3. OK, I now understand the "chilly" part of chilly hilly. Brr!

    Great photos! At least you look cute and happy when you work out. I am convinced I look like I'm ready to murder someone. :-)

  4. Hahaha! Those are all great photos, thanks for the recap! Who cares how goofy you look, I think you look like you are having the time of your life. Supa-star-athlete that you are! :)

  5. I think working out just makes you smile!!!!

  6. I think you look happy and strong, and not goofy at all!

  7. Wow you truly are an inspiration to me. I just accidently found your blog. This Spring I am going to learn to jog. Yeah I know, one foot in front of the other but... really jog. I just got new Asics too....

    Thanks again for the inspiration :)
    Amy at http://bohemianburble.wordpress.com/