Friday, February 15, 2013


First, I have to show you. Seriously, fog, go the heck away. I am so tired of you.

This winter is like being wrapped in thick cotton batting. I cannot breathe.
Happy belated Valentine's Day to ya! Yesterday I thought I'd be cool and serve nachos for dinner by candlelight. The kids were home, but the nachos idea wasn't as well-received as I had hoped. "I don't want nachos," my 7yo said. Wha?? Kid food?? Turns out they have nachos every week with X. Here I had been thinking, "Wow, we haven't had nachos for dinner in YEARS! How fun!" Hahaha. 

So we had heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. And I completely forgot about the candles. Oops.

The view out my window.
Oh, you can't see anything, either?
In my ever-seeking-trouble-with-Human-Resources ways, I approached a coworker this morning and told him I hate him and his kind. "Should I just leave 'what kind' to my own imagination?" he asked. No, I told him, this time I'm thinking naturally thin people

When I had my weight loss surgery, the doctor told me that I would lose whatever percentage of my excess weight, then I would regain a little, then I would fight the same 5-10 pounds that everyone else does. HA! I thought. Not me.

Um. I've lost all my excess weight, I've regained a little, and now I am in a death-battle with the same five or ten pounds everyone else is.

Hrumph. Stupid know-it-all doctor.

Sneaker pounds. A donut on Valentine's Day, followed by handfuls of mini candy bars in the evening. A big hibernating winter appetite and an utter collapse of the vigorous exercise routine I had been on. Handfuls of sent-straight-from-heaven crunchy Cinnamon Life cereal. A mini chocolate covered strawberry Blizzard from DQ.

Can't ride my bike this Wednesday because we went for early Valentine's dinner. Can't ride it Saturday because the kids are home. Can't ride it Sunday because Reid is having a sleepover. Can't, can't, can't.


What I really need to do is figure out how to bike to work. Then I would feel happy and great arriving at work, I'd have a ride home in the evening, and boy, would I be getting a lot more exercise. It's about 12 miles one way...a perfectly reasonable bicycle commute. They have shower facilities here for bike commuters and everything. It's just time...time is always short.

I am in the process of getting the Y reactivated. It's not a complicated process, but I did apply for financial assistance, so I have to wait until I hear back. Otherwise, reactivating the membership is as easy as showing up, haha. 

The extra pounds weren't the "Sneaker" I was thinking of when I started this post, however. I was thinking about Mr. W, who clearly has wormed his way into my heart. I know this, because his clearly-smitten ways and his eagerness to be around me have turned from slightly annoying to happily welcomed. Of course, that probably means he'll break up with me tonight. ;) He came to dinner last night with the kids. My 7yo especially adores him. I think he thinks I bought Mr. W at a store just for him. Mr. W will sit and play legos, he takes Reid on bike rides around the neighborhood, etc. Hearkening back to the Five Love Languages (which I still have not read and do not intend to), Reid's language is Quality Time.

Mama likes that. But more than that, it is just SO FUN to have someone to bike with, to plan weekend trips and vacations with. Someone who strangely is willing to incorporate three kids into his childless life, talking about driving vacations with the kids to places they'd enjoy seeing. Someone who buys me flowers (Yes, Kim, I told him I don't like carnations! Which he told me he buys because it's the January birthday month flower - see, he's just sweet and thoughtful. I, in turn, told him, yes, I have hated them my whole life, haha. Maybe I just resented being "assigned" a flower.) and chocolate covered cherries (oops, yeah, I've been eating those, too) and a SBUX card (the ultimate language of love, I say!). 

I'm a Gerber Daisy girl. 
Anyway, we're having fun and I am learning to like having someone be nice to me. And he's learning to not be overly present: this weekend he's doing his own thing every day and I am the one hoping he'll squeeze in some time for me! And that's a nice, balanced feeling.

Quick list:
  • I have now seen urgent care, my chiropractor, the acupuncturist, physical therapist, dentist, endodontist (root canal dentist), primary care doctor and an oral-maxi-whatever surgeon for my throbbing teeth and aching jaw. Yesterday I had a full panoramic x-ray of my head and there ain't a broken bone or cracked tooth in sight. The oral-maxillofacial surgeon said, like everyone else, that I have got the nerves and muscles completely screwed up. Time, he said. Time and drugs. He threw another one into the mix that I'll start tonight. Now I'm on muscle relaxants, nerve blockers and a souped up anti-inflammatory. Yikes. He also recommended I continue acupuncture and says he has had great success in patients for pain relief.
  • I had another iron IV infusion yesterday, so that should help battle back from the blues.
  • You should watch "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World," now that we have meteor(s) crashing into earth. It's good.
  • Mr. W rented "Frankenweenie" but Reid won't watch it because it looks like a zombie movie. How and why are my boys so fascinated and afraid of zombies?
  • I don't even want to get on a scale, but I am going for a walk at lunch time, so I'm sure I'll feel less sluggish and fat. It looks like it's maybe sunny under the fog.
  • Have a great weekend!


  1. Well, the fog is gone now! I can't wait for my lunchtime walk will be happening VERY soon.

    Man, everybody went for the heart-shaped pizza. I'm totally on board with that plan for next year. Simple and wonderful, all at once.

    I'm glad you're finding some balance with Mr. W. :) Sounds like a very thoughtful guy.

    From a personal standpoint, the 5 Languages of Love book was really helpful. The BF and I figured out why we felt like we were mis-communicating. I'm a words-of-affirmation person whereas he is an acts-of-service person.

  2. I love Gerber daisies too! The bigger and brighter, the better.

    Sorry you are still suffering the jaw and tooth pain. As someone who went through months of that, including painful jaw spasms that felt like my whole head was trying to twist itself off, I sympathize.

  3. So glad you confessed to your utter hatred of carnations. So glad I didn't have to do it for you.

    Thanks for defining endodontist. Since I have never had a root canal (knock on wood), I didn't know what they did.

    Ha! I am kid free for two whole days! I will run one of my nine miles in your honor tomorrow morning.

  4. Ugh, I hate carnations. And that nice man has given me three bouquets of them since we met! Next we'll have to talk about yucky dried flowers...