Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heads Up

Oooo, pretty! I swapped out the picture of me and Mr. W. in favor of the pretty Gerber daisies. Hurry up, springtime! Groundhog Day promised me an early spring and I want it. Bad.

Speaking of Mr. W, (and when aren't I?) we had a couple of  milestones this weekend. Saturday night we took the kids to a restaurant for dinner. Yup, first time he joined us. I normally don't even take the kids out to eat, as with three kids it can be a $60+ prospect at many sit-down restaurants. Their favorite is Red Robin. I took Alli there for her birthday when just she and I went out to eat earlier this month. We talked about how "back in the day" we ate at Red Robin frequently, maybe even once a week or thereabouts. These days, though, it's a rare treat. We had Reid's playmate spending the night, and we all went to IHOP. The boys were rowdy but reasonably well-behaved. Mr. W was not feeling well, and even spiked a fever during the meal. I tried to send him home but he had left his bike at my place and needed it for the next morning. I spent the meal stressed out, but everyone else, including Mr. W, seemed to have a good time.

Monday, we all had the day off for Presidents' Day. We picked Mr. W up early for a trip to Northwest Trek, a zoo-ish sort of destination location in our area. Again, I was moderately stressed the whole day (oh, okay, I'll just say it - I don't exactly relish days out in public with my kids. There. I said it.). My daughter is an angel but my boys are always roughhousing and my youngest is a human-wolf hybrid (you may have seen the articles in Newsweek, etc. when he was born). Again, Mr. W seemed to have a good time, and when I said later that I wondered if I'd see him again, or if I should be concerned that he's such a glutton for punishment, he said all sorts of nice things.

I'm still languishing without regular exercise. We skipped last night's bike ride because of the weather, and the weather is supposed to suck this weekend so we may skip the Chilly Hilly ride, too. It's my first organized bike ride and I am a little nervous about it. But excited. It will be fun. I am *still* waiting for an answer on my financial aid application to the Y: I can't reactivate the membership until that's reviewed. I'm getting more than a little surly about it.

You take a ferry to the bike ride start.

I've never been, but apparently it's a little crowded, haha.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the flower and garden show! Yay! My friend Patti and I have gone together every year for a long time now. I'm not much of a gardener, but I always enjoy looking. :) It's supposed to be super stormy tomorrow, so I will be glad to be inside looking at all the exhibits, pretending it's spring time.


  1. You have to do the Chilly Hilly! I did it several times when I was younger. My parents were really into bike riding when I was in middle school/high school! It is cold, but overall it is a lot of fun. :)

  2. I approve the Gerbrer Daisy photo. Very apropos.

    A ferry ride! With your bicycle! You must do it. How cool.

    Mr. W is amazing, and patient and generous and kind. Don't you forget that.