Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rainy Ride

I freely admit I am the *biggest* whiner about winter weather. In all seriousness, when the kids are grown, I plan on high-tailing it out of Seattle in favor of a sunnier climate. Even though when it's sunny in Seattle, there isn't a better place to be in the whole wide world. That's the best friggin' week of the year! (ba-dum-dum)

So last night as I was leaving the office in the pouring down rain and cold, I was NOT EXCITED about going on my weekly group night ride. But see, I haven't been hitting that ride very often these days. The ice, the cold, the rain, my snow tubing injury - I had lots of reasons to skip. To the point that it wasn't even really "my" group anymore. Oops!

I wasn't going to cancel last night. Rain, lightning, whatever. I asked the universe for a physically active boyfriend and BAM! did I get one. If I keep bailing on the activities, well, he's gonna start to wonder, right? Ok. So, I'm in. Argh. No matter how crappy the weather, I won't be the one to cry uncle.

It was just the die hards last night. I was the only girl* - this puts on extra-special pressure, right? The group mulled canceling the ride, but there I was with my big smile, "I'm good to go." ("please cancel it. please cancel it.")

*Later, two other girls showed up. They were "racer chicks," slumming it for the night to join our little group. We broke into two groups anyway: the really fast boys and the superhuman girls. That is pure jealousy speaking, by the way. :) Pure and utter jealousy! I would love, love, love to be a fast racer chick. It is not in the cards for me, I think.

Who am I kidding? They never cancel.

Mr. Wonderful gave me the option: we can go do something else? This was funny, because on Tuesday night he texted me the weather was supposed to be awful Wednesday night, and we should have a back up plan. My response to his text and his next text passed each other through the airwaves:

Me: That "Warm Bodies" zombie movie is supposed to be good.
Him: We can go to the club and play racquetball or the open badminton. 


Okay, nope, I'm in. Here we go. Twenty-four miles in the dark and rain. It was so fun! Once I'm out there, I have a blast. I do not like biking in driving rain, but in moderate, typical dreary-suck rain, it's fine. I don't think that riding in the dark is the *smartest* thing to do. I have a pretty great light. There are much better lights. Either way, you're sort of taking it on faith that you won't ride right into a hole or over some unavoidable obstacle.

Total blast. I love riding my bike. I am fast on the flats and super slow on the hills. But I keep up with the boys.

And on Sunday, we have a very hilly 40-mile ride on the agenda. That one won't get canceled, either. And I'll plaster on my big-girl brave face and git'er done. :)


  1. You are making me feel guilty. The next time I try to get out of doing Zumba in a warm location, I am going to think of this post and power through.

    My daughter said the Warm Bodies movie is pretty good. Her boyfriend said it wasn't.

  2. I'm so glad you forced yourself to go and then had a great time! Mr. W does sound like a good influence in terms of helping you stay active.

  3. Lately I never ever want to do my hour long spin classes. I think about leaving from about 20 minutes in, but I always finish it out. Today on the Stair Master I was plotting that I'd stop after 15 minutes instead of 30, but I kept playing games with myself and by the time I knew it, I was done. Proud of you for sticking with those big bike rides!