Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Like to Ride My Bicycle, I Like to Ride My Bike

Spring has sprung!! I have been enjoying riding my bike home after work, and as the weather picks up I am committed to riding at least three days per week. It is glorious - really, there is not much more fun things to do than ride a bike. Seriously.

And since the scale has been breaking my heart and also making me hate my blog, today I am not posting a scale picture, but instead, a couple pictures that actually make me happy and proud of myself. :)

That's 76 miles I didn't log on a bus this month.

Okay, this is a goofball picture.
Haha, the picture of me on the bike - I stopped at the I-90 bridge overlook, roughly half way home on my commute. There was a little girl, probably six years old, on a tag-along thing on her dad's bike. And I asked her to take my picture: she was very sweet, "Oh, my dad knows how to do that, not me!" I told her I bet she could take a great picture for me. She said she didn't want to hurt my phone if I dropped it. By this point, I'm totally coercing her to take the picture, haha, as I explain that I have three kids and a super strong, super waterproof case on my phone! So she took the picture. I looked at it, and realized what a terrible photographer she was, capturing me with such a goofball expression on my face! ;) Ah well, it was a beautiful day and I am happy, happy, happy when I ride my bike. Except up hills. Then I'm pretty damn whiny and remarkably weak and slow. :)

So, I did buy a new scale for my bathroom and I have been using it. I am damn tired of posting about it, though, so I will commit to continuing to weigh myself weekly and track it on myfitnesspal, but right now I am done talking about it on the blog. Grr. >:)


  1. Wooohooo! 76 miles! That's quite the feat! Now that the daylight hours are a little longer, it looks like it's about time for me to try this whole commuting thing again. Man, can I go back to last year when my bike commute was only 8 miles one way?

    Also, LOVE the title of your post. I was playing that song in the car on the way to the race this weekend to calm down my nerves.

  2. I think that picture of you is adorable! She captured your joy.
    And, the background has a "10 Things I Hate About You" (the movie) vibe to it, which I love.
    Followed a cyclist in Corvallis yesterday. His bright yellow vest said "One more car off the road" or something like that. So, I chose not to use him for target practice.

  3. 76 miles! How cool. I thought the picture was cute. She probably caught you when you were giving instructions to her.

    I hate my scale right now too. I am so frustrated because I go up 2 down 4 up 1 down 0 up 2 down 1, and it seems like I'm not getting anywhere. Stupid scale.

  4. You are adorable Julie!! We have, have, have to get together sometime this summer! Shop or lunch or a ride or a run or something!! Please?!?!?!

  5. Love riding my bike! I didn't learn to ride when I was a kid (taught myself as an adult) so riding is extra special for me.