Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Thinkin'

Hahaha, the glove post was so long, I think I wiped myself out. :) So long, and so RELEVANT and PERTINENT, wouldn't you say?

I'll just throw some stuff out there today:

- I got reprimanded by my first grader's teacher for not signing off on his sticker chart on Monday. Actually, I got reprimanded *and* the instructions were highlighted to aid in my comprehension. :) This is not the first time that happened - actually, any day you miss gets highlighted. I especially love that this sticker chart goes back and forth between my X and me, so both of us get to see the other's failings highlighted in pink.

Bad mommy. Instructions were clear.
- My 7yo is very ADHD and kind of a late bloomer. He really struggles academically a lot. But more and more, he is maturing and verbalizing his thoughts and it just blows me away. It really shows that even when a kid is not a talker, they have so much going on in their minds. After Christmas, he made the most *persuasive* argument to me that he should have his own XBox and TV in his room. It was well thought out, passionate, persuasive and fair. And funny as heck. I almost fell for it. Speaking points ranged from "it's not right that Blake gets to decide when to let me play with him," to "and I already have a wire in my room for a TV." On Monday night I took just my 7yo to the store, and during the long ride his questions included an in-depth discussion about buying a house. He started with "How do you buy a house?" and I sort of glossed over it, but he pressed for details. I never thought I'd be explaining mortgages and the difference between buying and renting to a first grader, haha. We ended with long discusssions about how houseboats are built and secured to the land. Wow. Kid can barely read a word, but he has got his own deep thoughts going on, no doubt about it.

- My flat new tummy is hawt. :) The scars are significant, but scars have never bothered me at all. Interestingly, I won't be downsizing in jeans and bottoms, I think. Plus jeans and such are fitting differently with these bad ass cycling muscles. On top, I'm mostly in smalls and mediums and that is driven by my bust. I am practicing getting used to this being my new permanent size. Me likey. I think when you have weight loss surgery, they should give you a coupon for post-loss plastic surgery, because this is freaking awesome. :) The current complication is that the scar is really tight. Lots of times I feel like I'm not standing up straight, and when I stretch my back - holy smokes, feel the burn, baby. Ouch.

- Mr. W. is killing me softly with his love. When we're together - totally awesome. (Well, mostly awesome - he is too into me, then, too, but he is actually super easy to talk to and that hasn't been a problem.) I'm going to break his little texting fingers, however. Stop with all the little affirmations. I-know-you-are-into-me-you-tell-me-every-time-you-pick-up-the-friggin-phone. Karma is biting me on the ass big time with this one, because I *get* how Greg felt with me. "I like you so much, please don't f'ing blow it by liking me this much." This weekend away will be a real test: I will either succumb or we will have a really awkward long drive home, haha. Look for an update early next week (unless I am in jail). I do know that I have a helluva great time with him and then during our time apart I am clenching my teeth a bit. And thinking, thinking, thinking about Lance Armstrong, and what's he doing, and how fun with Lance is uncomplicated and happy, and leaves me wanting more.

This is a really good updated version. Listen.

- Of course, with Lance Armstrong, there is no more to be had - nor would I want it from him. He is goofy texts, solid biking advice and support, and casual grown-up play time. Even once, he blew off plans for a Sunday and I chastised him by text. "Sorry, I'm not a good boyfriend," he wrote back. (*snort*) I told him that letting me know in advance wasn't being a boyfriend, it was being a nice person. (p.s. Lance Armstrong will not acknowledge my birthday - which he could not because to acknowledge, he would have to know...which I'm pretty sure he does not think I *have* a birthday, haha. But we celebrated his 40th in style last September.)

- Can the real Lance Armstrong sue me for using him as a pseudonym and talking about him as if he were a man-toy to take off a shelf?

- Between the above youtube video, which I've now listened to 10 times, and I feel this strange urge to go dig up Carly Simon songs (I know it's not Carly Simon's song, but I think I am reverting to my parents' house and my childhood here, haha) and thinking and talking (oh, and I'll say it: missing) about Lance Armstrong, well, this post has completely run out of steam. :)

- I still talk to Lance Armstrong, by the way. I have even told Mr. W. about him, but perhaps I didn't elaborate much beyond his cycling prowess and what a good source of knowledge and support he has been for me. :) LA falls firmly in the category of friend, I really do enjoy him for what he is.

- I'm skipping my Wednesday night ride tonight, ostensibly to pack for the weekend, as tomorrow is my birthday and Mr. W. is taking me out on the town after work. Also because it is raining like cats and dogs. But mostly because I'm spending Thursday - Sunday with Mr. W. and I just need one night of quiet to myself. And I'm a little pissed that I may be doing exactly what I didn't want to do when I started seeing Mr. W. - screw up how much I am loving biking. I'm afraid we might be at the beginning of the end, here...

Or not. Maybe I'll "change my mind..."
(This picture is from the original movie "The Stepford Wives," after
she has been programmed to just be the perfect wife and mother the way we're s'posedta be)


  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy birthday and have a great weekend away!

  3. Okay, 1. I clicked on Reid's chart to enlarge it and grasp the whole picture and 2. instinctively clicked on the next picture which was eerie and totally creepy (and sorry I don't get the reference...some horror show chick?) 3. I always sign whatever sheet my kids stick in my face, but the point here is it's up to THEM to stick it in my face, otherwise it's not getting signed (and my 5th grader needs a daily sign off in her workbook/journal and honestly I never even read what I'm signing off on...I guess that she did her far as I know she could NOT do it and I would still sign it because she sticks it in my face.) and finally 4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (well a bit early) and also isn't it your 2 year anniversary coming up asap? Like almost the same day? Anyway, HBD and happy 2 year surgiversary!

  4. Haha, Sheila, that's from The Stepford Wives (I added a note, above). It's what I think of whenever I think I'm not being the woman I'm supposed to be. ;) My two year surgery anniversary is the 11th, yep! Crazy.

    Now, I'm curious, if I "reply" here - does this still send you an email letting you know I responded? You'd be a good test case for this question!

  5. Why is there never a happy medium with men? Seems like they are either butt holse or so mushy they make my skin crawl. Being single is hard work!

  6. If you respond like you did to Sheila, I don't think it goes to her. Let me know would ya?

    Bahaha, killing me softly. If this is the beginning of the end, it is a suicide, missy.

  7. Happy birthday! :-) I hope you enjoy your weekend away. I tease my 17-year-old daughter because she usually gets tired of boys VERY quickly, and it usually stems from the boys over-texting her to say things that irritates her like, "you are so pretty" 20 million times in an hour.

    I love the conversations your son has with you! How great! And I am almost NEVER sign the things I am supposed to sign on time, and it BUGS me when my children get docked for it because I am not in school and my refusal to participate in THEIR class shouldn't impact THEIR grade. I have 4 kids going 4 different directions, and it really gets nuts when I used to have to do stupid crap like htis for all 4 of them. I hate artificial crap designed to foster opportunities for me to pay attention to my kids. I do, but I don't necessarily need to tell the teacher about it. :)

  8. Ha ha. NOPE! I didn't recieve an email "alert" telling me that you "replied" to my comment. Guess that WAS a good test of whether or not it worked. :-)