Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Very Bikey Birthday

Enough talk about the birthday, already! But I have had one more post in mind, and I finally almost sorta pulled my act together with the pictures I needed. I cheated a little bit - I grabbed one picture from the web...it is much classier than any picture I would have taken, haha.

My friend Nancy gave me my first birthday present. She said she wanted to beat Mr. W. to the punch and give this to me before he did. Mine, and Sabrina's, first reaction was, "Oh God, it's not an engagement ring, is it?" Hahaha.

Nope, it was a bicycle built for two, kitchen towel style:

Classy picture. Not mine, of course.
Mr. W. showered me with gifts for my birthday - not the least of which was a three-day weekend away! He got me a full set of Pampered Chef knives, which I have since gashed my hand open with TWICE since receiving. He notices a lot of things, and one thing he noticed when cooking at my house was I was basically down to using my teeth to cut, slice or chop anything at home. And my two hand gashes prove that I am totally unused to sharp knives, haha.

But the gift I'm here to write about is the beautiful silver necklace he got for me and gave me while we were away. (I got the knives at home before we left, presumably so I wouldn't be armed on our trip - it was our first weekend away, after all. And our first sleepover! He was wise to check for weapons, especially since I am sleep walker/talker and he was a strange man in a strange hotel room.)

This picture is so fresh, it's almost live-action. 
Beautiful, yes? It has little hearts at the center of the wheels. He lives up to his nickname, Mr. Wonderful. :) More on him later. (Do I look so exhausted? You have no idea how much pain I've been in since my stupid snow tubing catastrophe. I've been taking percocet for ages now...ugh. I just feel...awful.)

Because now I have to show you the bikey-birthday gift that has been cracking me the heck up since I received it. You may know from me talking about Mr. W. here that this man is SPOILING me. Like seriously, who was born a princess and just found out about it? ME! He has done 100 little things around my house and spent goodness knows how much time working on my bike. If he's at my house and sees something that is broken, next time he comes over, he's brought whatever he needs to fix it. I bought a snow shovel at Costco. He said it was a very heavy one - I said I didn't care because a) I just buy what Costco tells me to buy, and b) I'm thinking that the snow shoveler in my household is Blake, not me. (Yup, I'm that kind of mom.) Blake is always wanting to build up his muscles, ipso facto, the Costco shovel is just fiiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeee.

Nope, next time he comes over, Mr. W. has found a better snow shovel at Lowe's. Steel blade at the front, like my Costco one, but much lighter and more maneuverable. Says Blake will appreciate the difference if he ever knew about it, haha.

My point being, I'm being completely spoiled. I will have to be verrrrrrrrry careful about this, because, well, let's just say that was an issue in my marriage. I still haven't actually decided where I fall on this issue.

But anyway, my hilarious birthday gift. You also need to know that I have never, ever had a bumper sticker on any of the seventeen cars I've owned in my lifetime. Not a one. I am not a bumper sticker girl. Kim, my birthday gift benefactor, knows this and says I'm under no pressure to put this on my car. (I also don't wear clothes that say things. This has made my conversion to being a fancy cyclist difficult because I look at those "kits" and think, ugh. Ugh. Yuck. Maybe I really am a mountain biker at heart. I don't want to dress funny.) But what has had me dying laughing is the note...oh, she knows me (and Mr. W.) too well...

You have no idea how long and hard I have laughed about that silly note. Priceless.
I showed it to Mr. W. who also cracked up and wondered if he's maybe spoiling me too much. Eh, maybe. He did say he'd put it on for me, though. No thanks, I got this one handled, buddy. :) I think I may have my first bumper sticker! (Thank God it's really a window sticker - that is much less traumatic for me than a bumper sticker!)


  1. Hehe. It is a very special gift, purchased at the Mississippi Blues Marathon expo...see, I think of you even when I'm far away.
    Glad you like it, can't wait to see where it actually ends up,

  2. Love it! Happy Birthday, again!