Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Little Engine that Could

This morning, I didn't want to ride my bike to work. And I had lots of reasons not to:

  • My daughter was not home to walk my 7yo to day camp. Day camp opens a little too late for me to ride into work without adjusting my work schedule.
  • My 12yo, who had VOLUNTEERED to walk my 7yo this morning, pulled the blankets over his head and begged me to bring him, instead. He said he couldn't sleep last night and was too tired.
  • I was sooooo tired. One of us in the bed is a bad sleeper who tosses and turns and wakes up and gets up frequently and is generally not terribly quiet about it. Hint: it is not me. I sleep like a rock, if unmolested.
  • There was a tiny splash of hot rain on the ride home last night, and a brief thunder storm after we got into bed. (p.s. this morning I said "I love thunder after I go to bed," as I was referencing not wanting to ride in a thunderstorm - G., however, took this as a big compliment to his manly prowess. I think I will start calling him Thunder, haha. Or Thor. Side note: My paternal grandpa was Swedish, and one of my first boyfriends was named Thor Gunderson. Do you have any idea how happy he was about that? haha
  • It was hot and muggy and starting to sprinkle and the news said a thunderstorm could roll in late morning. (But be sunny and clear this afternoon.)
  • I can't find my other pair of bike shorts.
  • I woke up with a giant crick in my neck. Yesterday on the ride home, my neck was bothering me, but this morning it was HURTING me.
  • After days of riding, my legs are tired and sore. There's a few substantial hill climbs on my commute each way - they do have a way of wearing you down.
  • Oh, the list goes on. :) Suffice to say, I didn't wanna ride my bike. I wanted to ride the motorcycle with G.
But. I am a cycling warrior. I dragged my ass out of the shower and into my cycling gear. I told my 12yo he made a commitment and I relied on that commitment, and he could go back to bed as soon as he dropped off the little guy.

And. I rode that bike in. I didn't just ride it, I TORE UP a hill that vexes me every morning. I put every bit of steam into I had, and I shattered my previous times, as tracked on the Strava GPS app I use on my phone. A full minute off of my time from March, 40 seconds off my time from a week ago. Roarrrrrr!!

All that and I am wearing new earrings, make up, a cute outfit and sassy sandals. I should pass Sabrina's inspection later today, too, haha.


  1. how awesome! I've just started riding my bike more and I love it! I do feel really good after a ride too.

  2. AWESOME! Those are the kind of stories I am impressed by!

  3. I WAS proud of myself for getting out of bed and doing the GD Barre workout this morning. You've stolen my thunder (haha, get it). You win. Way to go, and hold that darn 12 year old accountable.

  4. That is a lot of hurdles to clear before even getting ON the bike, let alone having to actually get through the ride. I think you can count them as a kind of warm-up. Congratulations for actually doing it AND rocking a cute work outfit!