Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Number of Thursday Things

Some bloggers do "Three Things Thursday," some do "Ten Things Thursday." I find that I generally have more than three things to say and not as many as ten things. So I will just say today is Thursday, and I'm going to tell you some things. :)

- Oh, hello, flat tummy complete with hints of ab muscles! It is fun to see things changing as I continue to heal. The doctor said I can stop wearing the binder/corset thing, first at night, then during the day. The compression garment goes away Christmas morning. They are an annoyance but really not any major concern of mine. Most of my clothes fit over them and I don't think I'll want to wear jeans over the scars right away, anyway. That might be a little tender!

- Hrm, hello, flabby boobs. You're still here, eh? Okay, I can COMPLETELY see how people become addicted to plastic surgery! If money were no object, well, I'd become the touch-up queen, haha. I just wanna fix this and this and this and this and...

If you knew how much I hate Carrot Top, you'd be shocked that I'd put a picture of it here.
- Thank you, scale, for reading 137.1 this morning. I know at this point all the extra weight is gone and I am all about maintenance and building a kick-ass athletic machine. But I cannot tell you how much it irritates me to have weighed more coming out of the plastic surgery to have skin removed than I did going into it. Logically, I knew to let it go, but emotionally, it was a slap in the face.

- I had another date with Mr. Wonderful last night (whom I have decided to abbreviate to Mr. W, or possibly simply "W," which I am undecided on, because "W" makes me think of George Bush, which does not create a positive mental association, but "W" also makes me think of the University of Washington, which is a very positive association. But I am a very lazy typist, and I sort of think the whole Mr. Wonderful nickname creates unrealistic expectations, yes?

(- SQUIRREL!) I sometimes think reading my blog must be like this:

- ANYWAY - I had a date last night with Mr. W. He very artfully wrangled his way into that one, first by telling me on Tuesday he was not going on Wednesday's bike ride, as he would normally do. He felt a cold coming on, maybe, but might have energy to shop. I had already said I couldn't go, but had to go buy gingerbread houses and other such materials. The kids and I are getting together with a friend and her family to do them this next Friday. I ask him what he's shopping for - he says, "gingerbread?" Well played, sir. We had a very fun evening and he didn't seem like he was getting a cold to me. :)

- And so, we are dating like high school. I like it. We haven't even held hands, haha. He stayed until midnight last night, which was all well and good for him, as he has today off, but I had to be up at 5 a.m. I told him I might just shoot him a wake up call when my alarm went off. He says that's fine, because his phone's on silent mode and he'll see it sometime late morning. So you know at 5:15 this morning I texted, "GOOD MORNING!!" And you know he shot back a response in a heartbeat - he was waiting on that one, haha. Asked me over to his place for dinner on Friday.

- Mind you, this is a college-educated professional man with no children and he is terribly taken with me, I can tell. Plus he talks to and engages my kids like they are people, which sometimes I even forget to do! (He really snuck past the whole separate-from-children rule with his "let me work on your bike" and "if you don't mind I'll just do all these other handy things for you." Tricked me.) Anyway, given his status and the fact he's interested in me, you just know he's criminally insane or something. Time will tell. :) If I were his best friend I'd be telling him "RUUUUNNNN!!!"  Seriously, good job, no kids? You couldn't NAIL me down.

- There is no small part of me saying "Thank God, he has no kids," hahaha. Sorry, I'm at capacity. :)

- On Sunday, I will finally be back on my bike! Come hell or high water. I miss it terribly. Mr. W. and I are going on a 30-something mile flat ride. I expect to do just fine. I hope to ride my Wednesday night ride next week with my bright and shiny new bike light.

- I have a 2013 calendar going on my desk with my events starting to flesh out. My dance card is filling up quickly! Alli wants to do a 5K a month, I want to do all sorts of biking events, I'm still trying to shove a couple sprint triathlons in there (I am a little nervous as people keep saying "ground support" to me and I have no ground support people. Perhaps Alli and Blake can be taught to be my support crew?). And then there's the big half marathon question! Yes, I want to do more - I really do. I planned to do See Jane Run again in July, but my new highly organized 2013 calendar tells me that it is in conflict with the Seattle to Portland ride. I will pick biking over running, just like I will pick a white cupcake with chocolate frosting over any other cupcake.

- I did a flash mob dance thing for our department's annual service award presentation on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Pictures to follow - I've heard they are coming. I assure you that old Julie would have never in a million years got up and shook my ass for the department. Now I'll do it for the mere privilege of being early in the cheese and crackers line. I was actually utterly destroyed with nerves, though...eek! But I survived.

- Umm, I think that's about everything. Tummy tuck report - check. Romance report - check. Biking report - check. 2013 event scheduling - check.

- OH!! We did our first family 5K this weekend! We're just considering Jen part of the family now. :) Perhaps I'll do a full race report later, but suffice to say Reid and I walked the whole thing, without one single complaint from him. Blake was going to walk with us, but as soon as the starting whistle went off, the competitive spirit took over and he bolted away, saying, "See you at the finish line." Jen saved the day, as usual, by being Alli's running partner and keeping her motivated and finishing strong. Alli wanted to finish in 46 minutes and she nailed it! Seriously, without Jen there it would have been a shambles because I could only walk, Alli was nervous about running alone and afraid she wouldn't keep herself motivated to run instead of walk, etc. Our household was in FULL DITHER MODE all morning with everyone strategizing what would happen if Jen didn't come along. But she did, and I am eternally grateful. :)

I love this picture. Absolutely cracks me up.


  1. I don't think you need a ground crew for a sprint triathlon. S never did. The again, what do I know, since I don't intend to ever bike or run after getting out of water.

  2. What's your schedule on Feb 17th?? You're going to be up here doing the Birch Bay Half Marathon with me, right!?!

    1. Ok, Sarah, I'm going to really start cobbling together a training program and see if I can get this one in! I honestly think 2/17 will be too soon post-op for me to do another half. But I'm going on my first bike ride Sunday (30-ish miles, I think) and I'll get my butt moving again and see what I can do. I would *love* to come up and meet you! What's your time goal?

  3. Carrot top is freaky!!! I hate it when guys get their faces done, yikes!